2022-01-22 Nick GassonUpdate for 1.6 release master github/master v1.6
2022-01-07 Nick GassonTidy up man page
2022-01-07 Nick GassonAdd a test for right-to-left text
2022-01-07 Nick GassonMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2022-01-07 Nick GassonSet window type hint to notification
2022-01-07 Nick GassonUpdate NEWS
2022-01-07 Nick GassonAdd support for fractional values in -t argument. Fixes #8
2022-01-07 Nick GassonMake test script more robust
2021-12-14 ilevyCheck text base direction
2020-10-11 Charlène WendlingProperly read the config files on unsigned char archs
2020-10-01 Nick GassonUpdate for 1.5.1 release origin/master r1.5.1
2020-10-01 Nick GassonFix black background on non-composited displays
2020-09-27 Nick GassonFix compositor check and window size
2020-09-27 Nick GassonExplicitly enable C99 mode
2020-02-03 Nick GassonUpdate files for 1.5 release v1.5
2020-02-03 Nick GassonFix use-after-free in daemon mode
2020-02-03 Nick GassonWhitespace and cosmetic fixes
2020-02-02 Nick GassonError message when display has no alpha channel
2020-02-02 Nick GassonFix rendering bug with left bubble
2020-02-02 Nick GassonAdd test script
2020-02-02 Nick GassonMore Gtk3 fixes
2020-02-02 Nick GassonBuild against Gtk3
2020-02-02 Nick GassonDisable mask bitmap for now
2020-02-02 Nick GassonUse Cairo to draw bubbles
2020-02-02 Nick GassonMerge bubble_init_left and bubble_init_right
2020-02-02 Nick GassonEnable Gtk3 migration checks
2018-06-13 Nick GassonMerge pull request #5 from cmckni3/master
2018-06-12 Chris McKnightchore(homebrew): Add homebrew formula
2017-04-10 Nick GassonMake cow position more random
2016-09-08 Nick GassonRegenerate translation files for v1.4 v1.4
2016-09-08 Nick GassonFix warning about deprecation of `gdk_pixbuf_unref`
2016-09-08 Nick GassonUpdate gettext and remove generated files from repository
2015-05-31 Nick GassonAdd --release option to close window on mouse release
2015-05-31 Nick GassonUpdate git ignore
2015-05-31 Nick GassonWhitespace fixes
2012-11-19 Nick GassonAllow values with spaces to be set in xcowsayrc
2012-11-19 Nick GassonDelete trailing whitespace
2012-05-13 Nick GassonRefactor the corner drawing code
2012-05-07 Nick GassonAdd ac_define_dir.m4
2011-09-06 Nick GassonFix xcowdream when paths contain spaces (from Philip...
2011-05-20 Nick GassonUse gtk_widget_hide instead of gtk_widget_hide_all
2011-05-20 Nick GassonAdd autogen.sh script to generate configure
2011-02-05 Nick GassonGtk3 compatibility: fix build with GSEAL_ENABLE
2011-02-05 Nick GassonGtk3 compatibility: fix build with GTK_DISABLE_SINGLE_I...
2011-02-05 Nick GassonGtk3 compatibility: build cleanly with deprecated symbo...
2011-01-28 Justin BognerThe reading-speed option requires an argument.
2010-11-11 Nick GassonUpdate ChangeLog for 1.3 release
2010-11-11 Nick GassonUpdate pt_BR translation (from Phantom X)
2010-11-06 Nick GassonUpdate translation files for 1.3
2010-11-06 Nick GassonDocument left option and add -l as short option
2010-11-06 Nick GassonUse realpath(3) to get canonical dream file name
2010-11-06 Nick GassonMerge branch 'left-bubble'
2010-11-06 Nick GassonUpdate ChangeLog github/left-bubble origin/left-bubble
2010-11-06 Nick GassonAlign text correctly in left bubble; fix left-handed...
2010-11-06 Nick GassonPosition bubble on left side when --left specified
2010-10-23 Nick GassonAdd --left option to put bubble on the left of the...
2010-10-23 Nick GassonAdd a function to generate left-handed bubble
2010-10-02 Nick GassonUpdate BUGS section of man page
2010-10-02 Nick GassonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vds/home/nick/xcowsay
2010-09-29 Nick GassonWord wrapping in text bubbles
2010-09-27 Nick GassonTrigger rebuild on install prefix change
2010-09-05 Nick GassonDon't ignore the return value of asprintf
2010-08-28 Nick GassonBump version to 1.3
2010-08-28 Nick GassonSetting time=0 displays the cow until clicked
2010-08-26 Nick GassonFix configure with --disable-dbus
2010-04-01 Nick GassonSome more AC_CHECK_FUNCS suggested by autoscan
2010-04-01 Nick GassonUse random() instead of rand()
2010-02-05 Nick GassonAdd new Russian translation
2010-01-06 Nick GassonUpdate Portugeuse translation for 1.2 v1.2 github/v1.2 origin/v1.2 1.2-pt_BR
2010-01-05 Nick GassonUpdate for 1.2 release 1.2
2010-01-05 Nick GassonUpdate BUGS section of man page
2010-01-05 Nick GassonAdd uk.me.doof.Cowsay.Dream method to implement `dream...
2010-01-05 Nick GassonBuild cleanly on -Wall
2010-01-05 Nick GassonFix some const/non-const warnings
2010-01-04 Nick GassonAdd `think' support to daemon
2010-01-04 Nick GassonAdd previosuly missing DBus interface file
2010-01-04 Nick GassonDon't print a warning when we can't parse Pango attributes
2010-01-04 Nick GassonRemove debugging message from config file parser
2010-01-04 Nick GassonFix whitespace parsing in config file
2010-01-04 Nick GassonAdd --config option to parse an additional config file
2010-01-04 Nick GassonAllow config file in XDG-compliant location
2010-01-04 Nick GassonAdd --bubble-at option to change relative location...
2010-01-03 Nick GassonRemove a superflous `break'
2010-01-03 Nick GassonTidy up man page a bit
2010-01-03 Nick GassonAdd --at=X,Y flag to force cow to appear at particular...
2010-01-03 Nick GassonUpdate copyright notice for 2010
2010-01-02 Nick GassonFix bug where cow would be spliced across multiple...
2010-01-02 Nick GassonAdd a note about requiring fortune to README
2009-11-21 Nick GassonAdd --image option to specify a non-cow image
2009-11-21 Nick GassonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vds/home/nick/xcowsay
2009-11-21 Nick GassonFix blank line parsing in config file
2009-11-21 Nick GassonUpdate version for 1.2
2009-11-21 Nick GassonAdd ignore file
2009-11-21 Nick GassonUpdate for 1.1
2009-10-30 Nick GassonAdd COPYING file to repository
2009-10-30 Nick GassonAdd missing configure checks suggested by autoscan
2009-10-30 Nick GassonFix xcowsay on screens with depth != 24
2008-08-30 Nick GassonUpdate Portugeuse translation v1.1 github/v1.1 origin/v1.1
2008-08-30 Nick GassonUpdate AUTHORS for 1.1
2008-08-30 Nick GassonIncrease the display times a bit