2012-01-20 Nick GassonFix build with latest Boost master
2011-09-03 Nick GassonAdd script
2011-05-08 Nick GassonRegenerate POT files r0.6.2
2011-05-08 Nick GassonBump version to 0.6.2
2011-05-02 Nick GassonMore tidying, turn on -ffast-math
2011-05-02 Nick GassonFix memory leak in font loading
2011-05-02 Nick GassonCode tidy
2011-05-02 Nick GassonAdd TAGS to gitignore
2011-05-02 Nick GassonUse and XDG compliant config file location
2011-05-02 Nick GassonRemove execute bit from some files
2011-05-02 Nick GassonFix configure checks for Boost and GL
2010-08-01 Nick GassonAdd configure checks suggested by autoscan
2010-08-01 Nick GassonBump version to 0.6.1
2010-08-01 Nick GassonUpdate gitignore
2010-08-01 Nick GassonEnumerate available resolutions from SDL for options...
2010-08-01 Nick GassonRemove duplicate keygreen.png from install target
2010-08-01 Nick GassonAdd COPYING to repository
2009-06-22 Nick GassonMerge branch 'v0.6' of vds:/home/nick/git/lander into... v0.6
2009-06-22 Nick GassonPrepare Linux 0.6 release
2009-06-22 unknownWindows port of v0.6
2009-06-22 Nick GassonReplace some defines with constants
2009-06-06 unknownFixes for the setup program
2009-06-06 unknownAdd setup project
2009-06-06 unknownMore Windows porting
2009-06-06 Nick GassonRemove lots of headers from Platform.hpp
2009-06-06 Nick GassonMerge branch 'master' of vds:/home/nick/git/lander
2009-06-06 Nick GassonFix formatting
2009-06-06 unknownSort out profiles on Windows
2009-06-06 unknownfix GL error handling on Windows
2009-06-06 unknownPort lander to windows again
2009-06-05 Nick GassonA few small naming changes
2009-06-05 Nick GassonUndo naming convention disaster
2009-06-05 Nick GassonFinally get rid of the LOAD_ONCE macro texture_cache
2009-06-05 Nick GassonRemove last uses of LOAD_ONCE
2009-06-05 Nick GassonRemove LOAD_ONCE from Asteroid
2009-06-05 Nick GassonUse shared_ptr to manage asteroid display list
2009-06-05 Nick GassonGet rid of the ConstructAsteroid function
2009-06-05 Nick GassonReplace asteroid array with vector
2009-06-05 Nick GassonRemove a few more instances of LOAD_ONCE
2009-06-05 Nick GassonTidy up AnimatedImage a bit
2009-06-05 Nick GassonRemove LOAD_ONCE usage from Key
2009-06-03 Nick GassonMerge branch 'master' of vds:/home/nick/git/lander...
2009-06-03 Nick GassonUse std::string everywhere
2009-06-03 Nick GassonMinor code tidy
2009-04-22 Nick GassonStart adding a texture cache
2009-04-22 Nick GassonBump version to 0.6
2009-04-22 Nick GassonDistribute MSVC project files with source archive v0.5
2009-04-22 Nick GassonUpdate for 0.5.3 release
2009-04-13 Nick GassonA few more changes to
2009-04-12 unknownFix line endings
2009-04-12 unknownPort lander 0.5 to Windows
2009-03-01 Nick GassonMerge branch 'v0.5'
2009-03-01 Nick GassonUpdate for 0.5.2
2009-03-01 Nick GassonAdd Swedish translation to list of installed POs
2009-03-01 Nick GassonAlter audio buffer and rate constants
2009-03-01 Nick GassonFix segfault if sound disabled
2009-02-24 Nick GassonSome fixes to get everything building on OS X again
2009-02-13 Nick GassonMerge branch 'v0.5'
2009-02-13 Nick GassonUpdate for 0.5.1
2009-02-13 Nick GassonAlter missile sound
2009-02-13 Nick GassonMake sound quieter
2009-02-08 Nick GassonAdd some missing checks to
2009-02-08 Nick GassonGet ready to release 0.5.0
2009-02-08 Nick GassonNew sounds
2009-02-07 Nick GassonSound effects for menus
2009-02-07 Nick GassonTidy up Platform.hpp
2009-01-31 Nick GassonRemove virtual function call in image
2009-01-31 Nick GassonAdd screen shot button
2009-01-29 Nick GassonImprove the way levels are generated
2009-01-24 Nick GassonMinor graphics adjustments missile
2009-01-24 Nick GassonA few minor changes
2009-01-24 Nick GassonExhaust graphics for missiles
2009-01-17 Nick GassonImprove missile firing code
2009-01-17 Nick GassonTry to reduce header dependencies a bit
2009-01-17 Nick GassonUse C++ style declarations
2009-01-17 Nick GassonAdd forward declarations headers
2009-01-17 Nick GassonUse C++ style comments
2009-01-03 Nick GassonMerge branch 'master' of vds:/home/nick/git/lander...
2008-12-29 Nick GassonBasic joystick support joystick
2008-12-28 Nick GassonInitial joystick support
2008-11-29 Nick GassonMake missile stop when collided
2008-11-18 Nick GassonCheck for collisions with missiles
2008-09-28 Nick GassonFire missiles when near player
2008-09-28 Nick GassonRotate the missile the right way
2008-09-28 Nick GassonFix missiles to the side
2008-09-09 Nick GassonUpdate version
2008-09-09 Nick GassonAdd copyright notice at startup
2008-08-30 Nick GassonRemove debug code gate_graphics
2008-08-30 Nick GassonSexy new electric gate graphics
2008-08-30 Nick GassonCalculate correct step sizes
2008-08-30 Nick GassonDraw while line between gates
2008-08-30 Nick GassonImplement a super awesome hack to reload images on...
2008-08-29 Nick GassonGet rid of grass texture because it sucks
2008-08-27 Nick GassonRemove Mechanics stuff
2008-08-03 Nick GassonMake fireworks decay a bit faster
2008-08-03 Nick GassonMake grass a bit darker
2008-07-19 Nick GassonWrite a README file
2008-07-19 Nick GassonMerge branch 'v0.4' of vds:/home/nick/git/lander into...
2008-07-18 Nick GassonPort v0.4 to windows
2008-07-18 Nick GassonFix high score location