15 hours ago Nick GassonFix parsing of array element constraints with "open... master github/master sr.ht/master
16 hours ago Nick GassonUse PassManagerBuilder for LLVM optimisations
16 hours ago Nick GassonOptimise $GETPRIV implementation in LLVM JIT
16 hours ago Nick GassonRefactor mptr_t interface
16 hours ago Nick GassonFix debug symbols for LLVM JIT backend
16 hours ago Nick GassonImplement TLAB in interpreter and LLVM JIT
42 hours ago Nick GassonAvoid zeroing all arguments in jit_fastcall
42 hours ago Nick GassonMake jit_irgen thread-safe
2 days ago Nick GassonMake jit_lazy_compile and jit_get_func thread-safe
2 days ago Nick GassonAdd a hash table that supports concurrent access
2 days ago Nick GassonPort job partitioning scheme to new code generator
2 days ago Nick GassonRemove trampoline call from JIT LLVM
4 days ago Nick GassonFix type mismatch with instantiated generic package
4 days ago Nick GassonBump OSVVM version to 2022.10
4 days ago Nick GassonFix error analysing OSVVM xMiiPhyRxTransmitter.vhd...
5 days ago Nick GassonUse setjmp instead of sigsetjmp on Windows
5 days ago Nick GassonFix crash analysing OSVVM MemoryGenericPkg. Issue #577
5 days ago Nick GassonUse sigsetjmp for portable signal mask handling
5 days ago Nick GassonImprove error message for qualified expression type...
5 days ago Nick GassonFix stack traces with non-FreeBSD libdwarf
5 days ago Nick GassonMan page tidying and editing
7 days ago Nick GassonGenerate debug info in LLVM JIT backend
8 days ago Nick GassonPass FFI spec to jit_register
8 days ago Nick GassonUse two separate constructors for AOT initialisation
8 days ago Nick GassonMake ident_t operations thread-safe
10 days ago Nick GassonRemove get_fmt_buf function
10 days ago Nick GassonUse a hash table to store interned strings
11 days ago Nick GassonFlatten list of pending events
11 days ago BlebowskiToggle coverage improvements (#576)
2022-11-21 Nick GassonAdd a streaming mode to fbuf_t
2022-11-20 Nick GassonAdd object type for representing Verilog AST
2022-11-20 Nick GassonStore source object with vcode units
2022-11-20 Nick GassonUse binary search in jit_block_for
2022-11-19 Nick GassonFix bug with VHDL-2008 aggregate index direction
2022-11-19 Nick GassonStore pragmas with design units. Issue #572
2022-11-19 Nick GassonRematerialise trees in jit-llvm
2022-11-19 Nick GassonRemove flags argument to eval_new
2022-11-19 Nick GassonCalls to IEEE functions are locally static in -2008...
2022-11-18 Nick GassonFix address calculation in irgen_op_memset. Issue #575
2022-11-17 Nick GassonIncorrect application of implicit condition conversion...
2022-11-17 Nick GassonAdd peephole optimisations for SUB opcode
2022-11-15 Nick GassonAllow selected name in component instantiation statemen...
2022-11-14 Nick GassonIncorrect result caused by interpreter iteration limit...
2022-11-13 Nick GassonFix crash dumping statement labels
2022-11-13 Nick GassonStore constant pool in LLVM object file
2022-11-13 Nick GassonSerialise JIT IRs for debugging
2022-11-11 Nick GassonFix wrong overload selection with condition conversion...
2022-11-10 Nick GassonFix error with condition conversion ambiguity. Issue...
2022-11-09 Nick GassonBump heap size to 64m in install-vivado.sh. Fixes #566
2022-11-09 Nick GassonRematerialise JIT functions and FFI handles in AOT...
2022-11-09 Nick GassonCall registration function when AOT library is loaded
2022-11-09 BlebowskiCode coverage improvements (#535)
2022-11-06 Nick GassonAdd ahead-of-time mode to LLVM JIT
2022-11-06 Nick GassonUse transparent huge pages on Linux where possible
2022-11-05 Nick GassonSkip generating aggregates with null ranges. Fixes...
2022-11-05 Nick GassonSimplify how worker threads poll work queues
2022-11-05 Nick GassonUse relaxed atomic operations for some work queue functions
2022-11-05 BlebowskiRemove statement labelling (#561)
2022-11-05 Nick GassonAdd a simple local value numbering pass
2022-11-01 Nick GassonAdd some simple peephole optimisations for JIT IR
2022-11-01 Nick GassonAdd option to configure LLVM JIT threshold
2022-11-01 Nick GassonFix several LLVM verification errors
2022-10-31 Nick GassonDynamically resize CFG edge list
2022-10-31 Nick GassonFix handling of logical operations in LLVM JIT
2022-10-30 Nick GassonFix LLVM verification errors with non-opaque pointers
2022-10-30 Nick GassonAdd LLVM JIT support for floating point types
2022-10-30 Nick GassonSimplify type handling in LLVM JIT
2022-10-29 Nick GassonSupport JIT compilation for LLVM 13+
2022-10-29 Nick GassonFix bug with live-in set calculation
2022-10-29 Nick GassonImprove JIT assembler to support labels
2022-10-29 Nick GassonUpdate to non-deprecated libdwarf interfaces
2022-10-29 Nick GassonDo not rely on behaviour of __builtin_ctz with zero...
2022-10-28 Nick GassonAdd a simple assembler for JIT IR
2022-10-28 Nick GassonAdd LLVM IR generation for and/or/xor
2022-10-27 Nick GassonAdd GitHub workflow to test OSVVM
2022-10-27 Nick GassonImprove type coercion in LLVM JIT
2022-10-27 Nick GassonAdd FFI support to LLVM JIT
2022-10-27 Nick GassonVarious fixes for LLVM JIT
2022-10-26 Nick GassonAvoid error with null-range aggregate. Issue #552
2022-10-26 Nick GassonAdd GitHub Actions workflow to test MSYS2 packages
2022-10-25 Nick GassonDetect negative overflow with negation operator
2022-10-25 Nick GassonAdd an Alpine builds.sr.ht config
2022-10-24 Nick GassonAdd configure option to enable experimental LLVM JIT...
2022-10-23 Nick GassonSet up frame anchor in LLVM JIT backend
2022-10-23 Nick GassonFix crash with signal containing unconstrained array...
2022-10-23 Nick Gassonnvc --list does not describe contexts. Fixes #559
2022-10-23 Nick GassonEnable regression testing with interpreter only
2022-10-23 Nick GassonAdd JIT support for guarded signals
2022-10-23 Nick GassonMove all JIT exits to jit-exits.c
2022-10-23 Nick GassonImprove accuracy of interpreter stack traces
2022-10-22 Nick GassonHandle FFI calls that return unconstrained arrays
2022-10-22 Nick GassonFix composite resolution function handling in interpreter
2022-10-22 Nick GassonJIT IR generation for force/release
2022-10-22 Nick GassonImplement signal disconnection in interpreter
2022-10-21 Nick GassonDo not hard-code path to bash on Windows
2022-10-21 Nick GassonImprove error message when required library not found
2022-10-21 Nick GassonUse static_alloc to allocate signals
2022-10-21 Nick GassonImplement MACRO_EXIT in LLVM JIT backend
2022-10-20 Nick GassonFix bug with nested case/loop statement. Issue #539
2022-10-20 Nick GassonUpdates for MSYS2 PKGBUILD