2021-02-11 Nick GassonSome changes to get it to build master
2012-09-08 Nick GassonDelete dead code r0.2.2
2012-09-08 Nick GassonRename tank engine model
2012-09-08 Nick GassonFix one case of drawing constrained track
2012-09-05 Nick GassonAdd some more OpenGL helpers
2012-09-02 Nick GassonTidy up Map.cpp a little
2012-09-01 Nick GassonAdd some typedefs for common templates
2012-05-11 Nick GassonFix build with clang
2012-03-10 Nick GassonBetter algorithm for detecting powers of two
2012-01-14 Nick GassonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vds/home/nick/git/traingame
2011-12-30 Nick GassonAvoid rendering empty VBO chunks
2011-12-30 Nick GassonBuild fixes
2011-12-03 Nick GassonBuild as C++11
2011-08-12 Nick GassonFurther track graph work in progress
2011-08-12 Nick GassonWork in progress on track graph
2011-07-09 Nick GassonRename gen-track to spline-track in generated XML
2011-07-09 Nick GassonNew convenience functions for creating vectors
2011-07-09 Nick GassonAdd GLU library to link list
2011-05-14 Nick GassonAdd stub for track graph generator
2011-05-14 Nick GassonRemove old CurvedTrack and SBend now replaced with...
2011-05-14 Nick GassonRename GenTrack to SplineTrack
2011-05-14 Nick GassonFix dirtying of tiles in Map::erase_tile
2011-05-14 Nick GassonRemove debug output
2011-05-14 Nick GassonFix drawing straight track
2011-05-08 Nick GassonFix build with latest Boost.Filesystem
2011-04-16 Nick GassonFix build with Boost 1.42
2011-04-10 Nick GassonUse Vector::length explicitly in Bezier length calculations
2011-04-10 Nick GassonGive BezierCurve::uniform a better name
2011-04-10 Nick GassonSome tweaks to GenTrack curve function
2011-04-10 Nick GassonAdd a new BezierCurve::uniform function which has linea...
2011-02-19 Nick GassonConnect up diagonal track
2011-02-19 Nick GassonPlace diagonal track when shift held down
2011-02-19 Nick GassonFix right-angled curves in editor
2011-02-05 Nick GassonStart using GenTrack in editor
2011-02-04 Nick GassonEditor generates GenTrack instead of curves
2011-01-29 Nick GassonSimplify the pclass model a bit
2011-01-29 Nick GassonTidy up pclass model
2011-01-29 Nick GassonFinish saddle tank engine model
2011-01-29 Nick GassonStart a saddle tank engine model
2011-01-29 Nick GassonSwitch back to -O2
2011-01-22 Nick GassonBump copyright year to 2011
2011-01-22 Nick GassonRemove redundant merge_vector
2011-01-22 Nick GassonRemove debug messages from make_mesh
2011-01-22 Nick GassonForce -O3 on Unix GCC
2011-01-22 Nick GassonFix FPE with integer vector division
2011-01-17 Nick GassonCache noise data
2011-01-17 Nick GassonSome more tweaks to grass noise
2011-01-16 Nick GassonOptimise noise function
2011-01-16 Nick GassonDitch own noise implementation for Perlin one
2011-01-16 Nick GassonFunctioning noise texture but underlying grid is visible
2011-01-16 Nick GassonSimple noise texture
2011-01-16 Nick GassonAdd multiple chunk support to VBOs as well
2011-01-16 Nick GassonFix mesh buffer merging with multiple chunks
2011-01-15 Nick GassonAvoid having an empty "null" chunk
2011-01-15 Nick GassonMove counting functions into MeshBuffer
2011-01-15 Nick GassonDelete some commented code
2011-01-15 Nick GassonTexture sorting mesh implementation
2011-01-15 Nick GassonSimplify mesh buffer interface
2011-01-15 Nick GassonFix texture rendering
2011-01-15 Nick GassonRemove display list mesh implementation
2011-01-15 Nick GassonMake Index unsigned instead of size_t
2011-01-15 Nick GassonUse packed vector representation
2011-01-15 Nick GassonProfile several more vector operations
2011-01-15 Nick GassonAdd profiling script
2011-01-15 Nick GassonStart trying to optimise vector code
2010-12-21 Nick GassonMake functions in anonymouse namespaces static
2010-10-20 Nick GassonFix GenTrack crash
2010-10-20 Nick GassonUpdate figure8 map with new gen track
2010-09-19 Nick GassonFix display of message area text
2010-09-19 Nick GassonImprovements to power plant and coal mine models
2010-09-12 Nick GassonSave each bit of scenery only once
2010-09-12 Nick GassonAdd coal mine model
2010-09-05 Nick GassonDelete scenery that covers multiple tiles
2010-08-22 Nick GassonAdd Industry implementation
2010-08-22 Nick GassonFix some function names
2010-08-22 Nick GassonStub interfaces for industry and cargo
2010-08-21 Nick GassonIncrease clip volume overlap to remove some artefacts
2010-08-21 Nick GassonImplement get_covers for GenTrack
2010-08-21 Nick GassonDefault game camera to floating
2010-08-13 Nick GassonFixup the power plant model
2010-08-13 Nick GassonCalculate tile size of buildings
2010-08-13 Nick GassonRevert to platform sections from 0.2.1
2010-08-13 Nick GassonA few tweaks to platform end/middle
2010-08-11 Nick GassonRemove scaling from building XML
2010-08-11 Nick GassonBuilding models should now only be in positive xyz...
2010-08-01 Nick GassonIRenderable is no longer needed
2010-08-01 Nick GassonMove scenery into Anchor<T> class
2010-08-01 Nick GassonNew Anchor<T> template to generalise TrackNode
2010-08-01 Nick GassonAvoid annoying warning caused by Boost.Optional
2010-08-01 Nick GassonScenery and track implement shared IRenderable interface
2010-08-01 Nick GassonTweaks to the power plant model
2010-08-01 Nick GassonAdd new power plant model
2010-08-01 Nick GassonHold down right mouse button to pan camera
2010-07-31 Nick GassonCheck TERM is not `dumb' before colouring output
2010-07-31 Nick GassonFix memory corruption caused by incorrect height map...
2010-07-25 Nick GassonRename get_covers2 to get_height_locked
2010-07-25 Nick GassonLocked height map nodes covered by track
2010-07-25 Nick GassonRename Map::Vertex to Map::HeightMap to avoid confusion
2010-07-25 Nick GassonLoad SBend track as GenTrack
2010-07-25 Nick GassonGoing backwards on GenTrack