descriptionA 3D train driving game
ownerNick Gasson
last changeThu, 11 Feb 2021 03:03:41 +0000 (11:03 +0800)
2021-02-11 Nick GassonSome changes to get it to build master
2012-09-08 Nick GassonDelete dead code r0.2.2
2012-09-08 Nick GassonRename tank engine model
2012-09-08 Nick GassonFix one case of drawing constrained track
2012-09-05 Nick GassonAdd some more OpenGL helpers
2012-09-02 Nick GassonTidy up Map.cpp a little
2012-09-01 Nick GassonAdd some typedefs for common templates
2012-05-11 Nick GassonFix build with clang
2012-03-10 Nick GassonBetter algorithm for detecting powers of two
2012-01-14 Nick GassonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vds/home/nick/git/traingame
2011-12-30 Nick GassonAvoid rendering empty VBO chunks
2011-12-30 Nick GassonBuild fixes
2011-12-03 Nick GassonBuild as C++11
2011-08-12 Nick GassonFurther track graph work in progress
2011-08-12 Nick GassonWork in progress on track graph
2011-07-09 Nick GassonRename gen-track to spline-track in generated XML
9 years ago r0.2.2 Release 0.2.2
12 years ago r0.2.1 Release 0.2.1
12 years ago r0.2.0 Release 0.2.0
13 years ago r0.1.0 This is the 0.1.0 release
18 months ago master
12 years ago lua
12 years ago ltree
13 years ago gigi
13 years ago v0.1